Online Haskell Compiler

Compile, run, and share your Haskell code online – using any of the 2,320+ popular Haskell packages ?

We're still smoothing out some rough edges.
Would you like to get early-access?

We can't wait to show the world what we've built. But the last time we did that, our servers crashed & burned! So, we're working on optimising some stuff, and are giving out limited invitations in the meantime.

Seek help & ask questions effectively

Ask questions on online forums & chat-rooms effectively by including a link to a short, self-contained, compilable example (SSCCE). You'll be surprised how quickly the community will offer to help when they can compile and edit your Haskell code snippet.

Even if you're struggling with a Haskell compiler error (haven't we all been there!), share it as an editable code-snippet. Allow others to see the surrounding code, the exact error message, and debug it, with a single click.

Create → Share → Fork

Use the Haskell Online Compiler to create and share Haskell code snippets online. Very similar to Plnkr or JSFiddle for sharing HTML/CSS/Javascript code snippets.

Embed into blogs & tutorials

Coming soon! Embed Haskell code examples into blogs & library documentation. Allow users to tinker with your library and try-out ideas right from the documentation itself.